5 days to go: overview of the forces at play

The rugby horizon of 2023 is taking shape and the excitement is growing. On the pitch, the match-ups promise to be of rare intensity. The protagonists of this great spectacle are already known and each of them is preparing its strategy to win the first International Cup in history.

The competition scene

At the top of the list, Australia, with their world champion title, are determined to keep their reputation intact. The Steelers have repeatedly demonstrated their mastery and technique, and they are determined to keep up the momentum.

But with a year to go before the Games, no one can rest on their laurels. The United States and Great Britain are in ambush, respectively number one in the world and current Paralympic champions. They will be hungry for victory and will give any team in their path a hard time.

As for the French team, they have a major advantage: they will be playing at home. Boosted by a positive momentum following their two consecutive continental titles, Les Bleus will be keen to shine in front of their home crowd and show that French wheelchair rugby has a place among the greats.

Another European team still well placed in international competitions is Denmark. Confident of their strength, their aim will be to test themselves against the best teams in the world and win a major title.

But keep an eye out for the outsiders! Japan and New Zealand, masters in their own regions and in search of key victories, have already demonstrated that they have more than one trick up their sleeve. Their recent progress makes them serious podium contenders, and it would be no surprise to see them play spoilsport on the Parisian courts.

So the stage is set for an anthology competition. In Paris, in 5 days’ time, you can look forward to wild matches, spectacular action and moments of pure emotion!