All you need to know about the International Wheelchair Rugby Cup

For the first time ever, the International Wheelchair Rugby Cup will be taking place! From 18 to 21 October, at the Halle Carpentier and then on 22 October at the Accor Arena, the world’s top eight nations will meet in Paris for the last international event before the Paralympic Games.

Alongside the Rugby World Cup 2023, this will be an opportunity for the public to discover or rediscover the sport and build closer ties with the rugby family. A very strong line-up is expected, including the British Paralympic champions, the Japanese world champions and the hosts, France, the current European champions.

The first three days will be dedicated to the group matches. The top two teams in each group will qualify for the semi-finals, while the other teams will play classification matches. These games will take place on Saturday, again at the Halle Carpentier. On Sunday, the final day, we move on to the iconic Accor Arena for the final and the three other classification matches. It’s a packed programme, but above all an exciting and intense one, with matches to follow all along the day.

Photo : Didier Echelard


Each team plays all the teams in its pool. A ranking is determined on the basis of the results of the pool matches. The first team in Pool A plays the second team in Pool B and the second team in Pool A plays the first team in Pool B. The two winners meet in the final at the Accor Arena.

Teams not qualifying for the semi-finals play matches to determine a ranking from 5th to 8th place.


United States
Great Britain


New Zealand

The International Wheelchair Rugby Cup is supported by France 2023, organiser of the Rugby World Cup, as part of its CSR programme. It is assisted in its initiative by teams from the French Handisport Federation. World Wheelchair Rugby is responsible for the development, promotion and regulation of the sport. It awards the organisation of official competitions to candidate nations.

It’s a wonderful opportunity for all rugby and sport lovers to get to know the world’s best players, just a few months before the Paralympic Games. To make this party even better, the eight teams will need your support in the stands, whether at the Halle Carpentier or the Accor Arena: we’re expecting you!