Jason Regier, Denmark head coach: “We wan compete with anyone in the world”

In recent years, Denmark has established a strong position in world wheelchair rugby. They will be in Paris for the International Cup with the ambition of winning the Cup and gaining maximum confidence ahead of the Paris 2024 Games. The head coach of the Danish team, Jason Regier answered our questions.

How have the last few weeks been for the team? Are the players in good shape?

Jason Regier. “The team is feeling really good. The players are ready for the tournament and we are fortunate that we don’t have any injuries at the moment.”

The key for us is playing consistent top rugby every time

At the World Cup, you almost reached the final in front of your home fans. With hindsight, did this result give your group even more strength ahead of this crucial season?

J.R. “It was amazing to play the world championship in front of the home crowd in Denmark. The team knows we can play rugby with anybody in the world. The key for us is playing consistent top rugby every time. There are a lot of top teams that all play at the highest level now.” 

How do you see and analyze your group matches, against opponents you know well? 

J.R. “We know our opponents quite well and they know us. All of the teams can play top high/low lines as well as balance lines. We need to come out with focus and good energy.”  

This will be the last major competition before the Paralympics. What are your team’s most important points for improvement?

J.R. “We might get an opportunity to see most of these teams at Canada cup next year. However, this will be a great chance to see the top eight teams and test ourselves to see if we have made improvements with lines and overall consistency.”  

What’s your main objective for the Cup?  

J.R. “Playing consistent across the different lines!”